Vintage Photography on Protrega Paper
Museum Quality Silver Prints from the portfolio of Andrew Yale
Deirdre, Ellis Island, New York 1981

Black and white silver print on Protrega paper
6x9 inches on 8x10 paper
Available copies : 2
Price: $400.00 USD

   Deirdre was managing a health food store on Sixth Avenue in New York City when I first chanced on her. She was affable and friendly and I kept going back to look at her, but I wasn't sure why. Finally I realized I should ask to photograph her. And the results made manifest the invisible thing I had been sensing all around her.
    We worked in my usual repertoire of bizarre places - abandoned construction sites, waterfront bars and the deserted part of Ellis Island. Most of the photos here are from the shoot, where the light, filtered off the water on the bay, really conspired to show her full beauty. These dreamlike photos are the result.

Dierdre, Ellis Island, 1981