Vintage Photography on Protrega Paper
Museum Quality Silver Prints from the portfolio of Andrew Yale

Black and white silver print on Protrega paper
6x9 inches on 8x10 paper
Available copies : 1
Price: $900.00 USD

   I started making photographs because I couldn't draw and I needed some way to give form to the images I saw inside. Documenting the world around me ran a weak second to my overwhelming drive to give form to the dreams and images that were always washing over me.
    In time, I came to better know a place where the real world, symbols, archetypes and dreams met together - a border country filled with mystery and power. Its not a country you can find with directions, and I never know when I set out if I'm going to get there or not. But after awhile I found if I took certain steps, it improved my chance of getting the results I wanted.
    I used people I met on the street as models, taking them to some gritty, deserted setting - an abandoned house, a half burnt river pier- to utilize the edgy energy of the place to help something of their essence emerge. I counted a lot on natural light, I was always scouting places where the light was eloquent and revealing.
    The photos you see here, entitled "Enigmas",were not conceived as a series, but I've grouped them as such since they were made with similar intent- to reveal the kind of world I saw inside me.