Vintage Photography on Protrega Paper
Museum Quality Silver Prints from the portfolio of Andrew Yale
Royal Barbers,  New York City 1985

Black and white silver print on Protrega paper
6x9 inches on 8x10 paper
Available copies : 1
Price: $500.00 USD

     I lived in Manhattan from 1977 to 1989, when New York was a much different place. It was a good time to be an artist in the City - rents were cheap, raw loft space available for studios, and there were plenty of casual jobs to pay the bills in between art gigs.
    Even more important, there was a rich, archaic, aboriginal culture to document. I was always wandering around with a camera and a couple of lenses, photographing obscure things that caught my eye.
    I was looking for the gritty edge of real life, which was always being obscured by the predominant flash and glitz of the uptown culture makers.
    Here's a few of the places I found then, before Manhattan was transformed into a soulless disneyland.
Royal Barbers, NY City