Vintage Photography on Protrega Paper
Museum Quality Silver Prints from the portfolio of Andrew Yale
Jonas, Hinton West Virginia, 1983

Black and white silver print on Protrega paper
7x9 inches on 8x10 paper
Available copies : 1
Price: $500.00 USD

   I've been traveling and photographing in West Virginia since 1968, both in the increasingly ravaged coalfield and in the rural mountain counties. Much of what charmed and delighted me when I first arrived is gone, and what replaces it is often painful to see. At the time I took the photo of the welder in Itmann, West Virginia, the mine complex where he was working employed 1200 men. Five years later, it was shuttered, now its torn down- just another empty place in the landscape.
 I'm glad that I photographed these old cafes and hotels in the coalfield.
Glad, also, that I made these photos of a lifestyle dating back to the frontier.
   Lots of people, when you mention West Virginia, will tell you how beautiful the mountains are. But what I've always admired most was the mountain people- for their spirit, endurance and wit.
   I spent a lot of time talking with the elders, taking their photos and recording their words. They were like a window opening into another time, slower, more elemental, and tied to the cycles of the seasons. Most of them are gone now, but I occasionally meet people in their thirties who, disillusioned with what the modern world has to offer, return to their native mountains and try to live by the old ways.

Jonas, Hinton WV